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About Us

Here at Ontario Popping Corn Company we pride ourselves on three main things; having a consistently great quality product, being family run, and being a proudly Canadian company. 

At Ontario Popping Corn, everything from our storage and cleaning facilities, to packaging and shipping is state-of-the-art, immaculately clean, and efficiently organized. One of the main things we focus on is quality, and with our state-of-the-art facilities incorporating every possible machine there is to deliver the best quality product possible we can deliver on that. Our latest investment has been an optical colour sorter which scans every single kernel before it heads out the door!


Our warehousing and shipping area are  climate-controlled, in doing so our products stay pesticide free! In 2011 the Ontario Popping Corn Company was the recipient of the Prestigious Premier’s award for Agri-food Innovation of Excellence. We designed a machine from the ground up which aided in the cleaning and production of one of our signature products, the pop a cob.

We as a company have gone from supplying seven or eight stores in the Simcoe-Brantford area in the early days, to selling our products through Foodland and Foodtown supermarkets as well as our online store.Other places you can find our products are Picard's Peanuts, The Apple Place in Simcoe; Kernal Peanuts; The Cider Keg; Wiggan’s and Cashmere and Cobwebs in Port Rowan; the Langton Foodland; and Coward's Pharmacy in Tillsonburg. These are just to name a few in our local area.

Customers can also purchase at the farm, but by appointment only. Please contact us for more details. Every fall, you can find Ontario Popping Corn products for sale at FlavourFest at the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show. We are also proud to say that in response to nutrition concerns, distributors have placed their product in some Ontario schools, as a safe, healthy snack.

We are proud to be Local Food Plus certified, have Foodland Ontario recognition, and certified Non-GMO. On top of all of that we also grow and manufacture Organic corn as well!

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